About Knit tightly

Knit Tightly is a photography and storytelling project centered on the idea that ordinary people have extraordinary stories.

Knit Tightly aims to showcase the diversity and humanity of the knitting community through photography of people and the objects that they make.


about heidi wang

Heidi Wang has been a knitter for longer than she can remember, but it has only been in the past year that she fell in love with the knitting community online. She has used her instagram page @booksandcables, to share her own projects, but more importantly to make connections with other knitters around the world. It’s through those connections that she has felt the ordinary magic of a community built by folks passionate about their craft. In beginning to hear those stories, she felt the inspiration to begin a project to showcase the diversity of the community - particularly to highlight those voices which are underrepresented. This project is a opportunity to blend together her passion for knitting, photography, and storytelling.